About the Science Room

Welcome to The Science Room, where scientists and members of the wider community come together to explore science questions from everyone in the world!

We want you to come up with science questions which we then take to scientists with an interest in the topic. From there, the scientist will respond in a unique, creative way to satisfy your scientific curiosity! The responses may come in the form of written, audio, video, or graphic content - we try to find the most suitable medium and scientist for each question we receive.

Through our events and our online interaction with the worldwide community we hope to generate further questions and refine our responses to provide the best answers to all the questions we received about the world we live in.

We also want your thoughts on how satisfying you find the responses - the scientists, and The Science Room team, don’t always get it right the first time!

Our vision is to involve all science enthusiasts in what we feel is akin to the true scientific process - one involving imagination and rigorous thinking - in The Science Room, a home where everyone is welcome to discover their inner scientists.