The Science Room Responses

Here you will find answers to questions asked by our community.

"Would the decriminalisation of drugs be beneficial?" asks Edward

"Is race scientifically-founded, culturally-founded, or both?" asks Jamal

"Why is the sky blue?" ask Helen & Andy

"Should funding go into solar energy instead of nuclear?" asks Tim

"Are meal-replacement drinks healthy?" asks Matt

"Could wormholes be real?” asks Elin

“Why is Climate Change so Hard to Address?” asks James

“Why do flashing lights cause seizures?” asks Bobby

“Could psychedelic drugs aid empathy and understanding?” asks Darius

"Do bananas cause cancer?" asks Helen

“Did homosexuality kill off the dinosaurs?” asks Anna

"What would happen if an Earthquake hit Southampton?" asks John

"How much sleep do we need?" asks Karla

Why aren't there more colours?" asks Jack

"What is the healthiest diet?" asks Rosie

“What will be the next human evolution?” asks Boxy

"How have video games been used to advance scientific research?" asks Jack

"What is a cow?" asks Jake

“Is Jurassic Park feasible?” asks Natt

“Does the moon play a role in plate tectonics?" asks Phil

"Why are E numbers addictive?" asks Georgie

"Does mushing up a banana change its nutritional value?" asks Sophie

"Why are my poops brown?" asks Zoe

"Why do humans enjoy music?" asks Stuey

"Why did the dinosaurs die out?" asks Simon

"How do mirror neurons work?" asks Abhi

"How likely is a zombie apocalypse in real life?" asks Rhiannon

"Is the left gaze bias based on reading left-to-right?" asks Giulio

"What's next for the internet?" asks Sarah

"Is nuclear power dangerous?" asks Helen